Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Music Teacher Planner - Free!

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while. Now, my family is in a different state, and I have a job lined up for next year. This job is in ONE building! Wahoo! I can't wait! I've been excited to think about next year. So much so, that I almost impulsively bought one of those SUPER expensive custom teacher notebooks. As I was about to order - I thought about it a little more clearly and wanted to wait to spend money like that until I was actually receiving a pay check. I thought, I can make something like this on google docs.

If you've been looking for something similar, than please make a copy and edit this for yourself. The order is a bit off - you have to look for the cover and inside cover, then think about how you want things to print and how many pages of each. But - it's much less expensive to print this out on nice paper and bind it than order. Let me know what you think! Any pages you wish were in there?


These pages, and MORE, are included. Happy Almost Summer!

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